Why Won’t My Dog Listen?

Why Won't My Dog Listen?

Without training, our dogs would simply be wild animals. It’s their willingness to exist and interact with us in addition to pleasing their owners that make dogs so wonderful to live with. Plus, proper training helps our dogs have happier and healthier lives. So, what if your dog is struggling to behave? Understanding the reasons why your dog might not be listening can help you address the issues and improve your dog’s behavior.

6 Reasons Why Your Dog Is Not Listening to You


1. Too Much Energy

If your dog has a lot of energy, they are going to have a tough time focusing on training and listening to your commands. Take your dog out for long walks or play vigorous games of fetch in a big (enclosed) area to burn that energy before settling in for a good training session.

2. Too Many Distractions

Dogs can get easily distracted. Consider the environment you’re training your dog in. If there are a lot of distractions (squirrels, traffic, other dogs, or food smells), then your dog might have a tough time focusing on your voice and listening to your commands.

3. Boredom

Bored dogs tend to act out with undesirable behaviors such as disobedience and destruction. If your dog’s exhibiting these behavior patterns, then add more enrichment into his or her life with more play, exercise, challenges, and toys.

4. You've Forgotten Positive Reinforcement

Dogs need lots of positive reinforcement like praise, love, and treats when they obey commands. If you let rewards slide, your dog might stop listening too.

5. Your Dog Might Be Overwhelmed

Trying to teach your dog too many new commands at once can be overwhelming and confusing, leading dogs not to listen.

6. Your Dog Might Be Sick

If your once obedient dog has suddenly stopped listening to your commands, this could indicate an underlying health problem. Behavior changes like this can occur when a dog is unwell. You should schedule a veterinary examination as soon as possible.

Canine Behavior Counseling at Compassion Animal Hospital

If you’re having trouble training your puppy or if your dog has suddenly become disobedient, we strongly encourage you to schedule a checkup and behavior counseling appointment with our veterinarian at Compassion Animal Hospital in Woodland Park. We can examine your pet to rule out any underlying health conditions that might be contributing to their behavior problems and also provide you with some helpful tips and tricks for training your dog.
To learn more or schedule an appointment, we welcome you to contact our office today.