Why My Pet Should Get Neutered or Spayed

When you get a new pet, it’s imperative to get it checked out by your vet. If your new furry friend is young, your vet will likely recommend spaying or neutering the animal. However, some pet owners may not understand why it’s necessary. Since this procedure is relatively expensive, some owners opt out.
Unfortunately, quite a few issues can stem from not spaying or neutering your pet. Let’s break them down:

Better Temperament

Animals have a strong desire to procreate, which is why female dogs and cats go “in heat” twice per year. During this period, the female tries to get impregnated, and their hormones are all out of whack. For males, the desire to mate is strong, leading to temperament issues, such as aggression or friskiness. So, spaying or neutering removes this drive and makes your pet much more agreeable.

Better Health

Unfortunately, reproductive organs are prone to diseases and congenital conditions. Cancer is relatively common in both males and females. So, the longer your pet lives, the more likely it’ll develop one of these issues. Removing these organs ensures that your pet can live longer and maintain a much healthier and more full life.

Better Companionship

Pets form bonds not only with their owners but other animals in their vicinity. If you don’t spay or neuter your pet, you might notice more fighting, biting, and aggressive behaviors. These problems can only worsen if you have multiple pets within the same household. Overall, you can keep a much calmer and friendlier atmosphere by ensuring all your pets are spayed or neutered.

Reduced Chance of Unwanted Pets

Realistically, the only reason to keep your pet’s reproductive organs is if you’re trying to breed it. If you have a female cat or dog, there’s a greater chance of her getting pregnant if she isn’t spayed. For males, there’s the possibility of your pet impregnating other animals, both domesticated and feral. Either way, unwanted pets can crowd shelters and sometimes, they’ll get put down. It’s best to avoid the whole situation altogether.

Get Your Pet Spayed or Neutered at Compassion Animal Hospital

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