Traveling This Holiday Season? 5 Boarding and Daycare Tips for Your Pet

Traveling This Holiday Season? 5 Boarding and Daycare Tips for Your Pet

The holidays are an exciting time when many people travel to visit their families and friends or take advantage of their time off by setting off on a vacation to a faraway land. No matter where you’ll be traveling this season, it’s important to ensure your pets will be well-taken care of while you’re away. Consider the following tips for choosing a boarding facility for your pet.


5 Tips for Choosing a Boarding Facility for Your Pet


1. Take a Tour

The best way to check out a boarding facility for your pet is to actually stop by and take a tour. While you look around the facility, pay attention to how clean the kennels and play areas are kept. Additionally, you can ask about all of the details and extras the boarding staff provides to keep pets comfortable.

2. Ask About Social Time

Look for a boarding facility that spends one-on-one time with your pet in addition to regular exercise, supervised play, and social time with carefully selected groups of friendly pets.

3. Personalized Care

How personalized will your pet’s care be while you’re away? When choosing a boarding facility, be sure to ask about diet and nutrition, feeding times, and medication administration. Some boarding facilities will keep your pet on their normal food and feeding schedule, while others feed all the pets at the same time on a standard diet.

4. Emergency Care

Most likely, your pet will be perfectly fine while you’re traveling. In the unlikely event that your pet does have a medical emergency while you’re away, though, you’ll want to rest easy knowing that the boarding facility has an action plan in place. Ask whether they have a veterinarian on staff, a go-to emergency pet hospital, and what the protocol is for handling pet emergencies (if they can or can’t reach you).

5. Vaccination and Health Requirements

Most boarding facilities have vaccine and parasite testing requirements for pets that must be handled within a certain timeframe of the pet’s scheduled stay.

Veterinarian-Supervised Pet Boarding in Woodland Park, Colorado

At Compassion Animal Hospital, we are proud to provide the pets of our area with boarding services that are closely supervised by our team of veterinary professionals. We board pets in a high-quality, clean facility and provide them with plenty of love, attention, and care to help them stay happy and comfortable while you’re away. To learn more about boarding your pet with us over the holidays (or any time of the year), we welcome you to contact our office today.