Choosing the Right Cat for Your Family

Choosing the Right Cat for Your Family

June marks the height of kitten season, which means there are loads of litters just waiting to be adopted. So, that’s why the month of June has also been designated Adopt-A-Cat Month to encourage cat ladies, cat guys, cat people, and cat families to visit their local animal shelters and bring home a kitten, an adult cat, or two (or more).
When you choose to adopt a cat, however, it’s important to know what you and your family are looking for, so that you can choose a new pet that will fit right into your family.

Top 3 Tips for Choosing the Right Cat for Your Family

1. Children or Other Pets

Kittens are fairly adaptable, and given the right encouragement and protection, they can adapt to just about any family. However, older cats have more established personalities. Before bringing one home, find out whether a cat is good with children, other cats, or dogs if you have any in your household.

2. Age

Before adopting, consider what age of pet you want to adopt. There are plenty of kittens, adult cats, and senior cats looking for homes. Cats of all ages have plenty of love and playfulness to offer.

3. Personality

Anyone who spends any time around cats knows that they all have distinctive personalities – just like people. Generally, cats can be divided into two personality types: greeters who are outgoing and friendly and those who are shy at first. Before choosing a cat to bring home, spend some time getting to know them first.

Establish Your Pet's Care With Compassion Animal Hospital

If you decide to adopt a new pet during Adopt-a-Cat Month (or any time of the year), we welcome you to establish care with Dr. Cooper at Compassion Animal Hospital in Woodland Park. We provide personalized wellness and preventative veterinary care for cats and dogs. To learn more, contact us today.