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Preventative Veterinary Medicine in Woodland Park

At Compassion Animal Hospital, we believe the best way to preserve our Woodland Park pet patients’ health is through preventative medicine and wellness care. The goal of preventative medicine is to prevent health problems before they occur, to detect the early signs of disease and to treat medical conditions before they have a chance to develop and significantly harm a pet’s health. 

Preventative care aims to keep your pet well, stopping health problems before they occur. Some breeds of cats and dogs are predisposed to certain diseases and conditions. We can recommend preventative treatment, such as supplements or preventative medications, to reduce you pet’s chances of developing a problem. When caught early, most diseases and medical conditions can be treated quite effectively and inexpensively, saving you money and preventing your pet from suffering symptoms and undergoing invasive treatments. 

What to Expect During Your Pet’s Preventative Medicine Appointment

During a preventative medicine appointment, we will record your pet’s weight and vital signs in order to establish a baseline for your pet’s normal health. The veterinarian will also perform a complete physical evaluation, examining the appearance of your pet’s eyes, ears, nose, throat, teeth and gums, lungs, joints, abdomen, skin and coat. A regular record of your pet’s health history makes it easier for our veterinarian to spot changes which could signify a potential health concern. 

During your pet’s annual or bi-annual preventative appointment, our veterinarian will also discuss parasite prevention and vaccinations, including both core (required or recommended for all cats and dogs) and non-core (recommended based on individual exposure, risk and lifestyle) vaccines. 

Preventative appointments are also a great time for you to discuss any concerns you might have regarding your pet’s health with our veterinarian, such as behavioral concerns, at home dental care, exercise, nutrition and even microchipping. 

Schedule a Wellness Appointment for Your Woodland Park Pets Today

Your pet’s preventative appointments should be scheduled based on regular time intervals, so that your pet visits us when he or she is feeling well. We recommend most pets see a veterinarian at least one time a year for a preventative care appointment. Senior pets, puppies and kittens might need to visit our clinic more frequently for vaccinations, booster shots and ongoing wellness care in old age. For more information about wellness care for your pets or to schedule an appointment, contact our office today. 

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