9 Signs Your Pet Feels Stressed

Is Your Pet Feeling Stressed? Watch Out for These Anxious Behaviors

Anxious and stressed pets are nothing to be ashamed about. In fact, many everyday occurrences can trigger an anxiety response in pets. Simple things like changes to the environment, package deliveries, strangers, or car trips can be enough to make a cat or dog feel uneasy.
Although stress in pets is common, it’s something that pet owners should be aware of and able to recognize the signs so they can provide comfort and corrective training to help their pets relax and be happy.

9 Signs Your Pet Feels Stressed

1. Hiding

Stressed (or even sick) pets will often withdraw from the rest of the family. You might find your anxious dog hiding in a safe place or your fearful cat quietly tucked away under the bed.

2. Tucked Tail

Dogs instinctively tuck their tails between their legs when they feel afraid. A tall tail indicates a confident, happy pup, while a tucked one is a sure sign of a stressed dog.

3. Nose Licking

Dogs and cats both lick their noses to keep them clean and moist. However, more frequent nose licking than usual indicates anxiety.

4. Vocalization

Barking, yowling, hissing, or growling all indicate stress (and pain) in pets. Have your cat or dog examined by your veterinarian ASAP if you notice excessive vocalization.

5. Accidents

Anxious house-trained pets will often have accidents in the house or outside the litter box.

6. Destructive Behaviors

Pets experiencing separation anxiety and extreme fear often become destructive to their environments. Your pet might chew or scratch the furniture or destroy your favorite leather boots.

7. Yawning or Panting

When your well-rested pet yawns or pants excessively, this is likely an indication of discomfort or stress.

8. Side-Eye

Eyes that bug out or show a crescent of white (reminiscent of “side-eye” in humans) indicate anxiety.

9. Puffed Fur

When your dog or cat puts its hackles up (puffs up the fur along its back), this means your pet feels threatened and fearful.

Ease Your Pet's Anxiety With Help From Our Veterinarian in Woodland Park

If your pet experiences stress during every thunderstorm, Fourth of July, whenever you leave the house, or due to another trigger, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian at Compassion Animal Hospital. We’ll thoroughly examine your pet to rule out any potential underlying health problems that could be exacerbating your pet’s anxiety and then help you determine the proper course of treatment. We can recommend lifestyle adjustments, medications, and additional strategies to keep your pet healthy, happy, and calm.